Fast-paced action puzzler BAZOO makes its way to iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 13th, 2017
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Anyone seeking a frenzied and intense puzzle-battling experience will from today be able to get to grips with BAZOO, the new eSports-centric game from IsCool Entertainment. Letting players scale up leaderboards against friends, BAZOO is now available globally on both iOS and Android devices.

Featuring three unique modes in which to do battle online (Ladder, League, and Battle), BAZOO tasks players to complete combo chains and stack towers as fast as possible in a bid to rank up and be the best. Keeping things fair so that everyone has the same equal chance of winning, “skill” always stays at the heart of every clash, with the same number of blocks dropping in the same order to keep a level playing field.

BAZOO’s in-game training mode provides the perfect means to let players fine-tune their eSport ability before butting heads online, whilst player stats makes it easy to compare status and track progress. Hoping to rise up through the ranks and dominate the leaderboards? You’ll need to factor in BAZOO’s randomized bonus weapons, capable of dropping everything from rockets to bombs.

Anyone eager to learn new techniques or watch players duke it out always have the chance to gain some perspective thanks to BAZOO’s built-in live spectator mode. Thousands of character customizations are also available to allow players to create a more personalized experience, with more skins and gear set to be added every week.

Are you skilled enough to finish the puzzle-filled-fight? Find out today by downloading BAZOO for either iOS or Android.

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