There’s a bumper new update for sandbox adventure, The Sandbox, with the new Farmer’s Campaign offering 15 additional levels.

The update includes six new elements such as the Tractor to help farmers harvest quicker and the Chicken that can be raised and converted to food, or hunted by the new Fox element. New blueprints are also available, including the Bullseye for aspiring archers and the Chicken Pen, because all chickens need somewhere to live!

The Sandbox is free and available now on the App Store.

Update includes:
+ New campaign (15 levels): the Country Life Campaign

+ Improvements on the Humans:
– The Hunter will be able to shoot animals and place Traps!
– The Farmer will raise chickens and convert them to food
– After collecting a certain amount of specific resources (food, aluminite, etc), you can create special buildings with which your humans will interact with emoticons (with a brand new UI)

+ 6 New elements:
– The Tractor to help the farmer to harvest quicker
– The Chicken, the Chicks and the Egg will be raised and converted to food or hunted by the fox
– The Fox the worst enemy of the chickens!
– The Crow will fly around and eat the crops
– The Scarecrow will drive away the crows
– The E-drain to build advanced irrigation system drove by electricity

+ 2 New blueprints
– Bullseye for all the wannabe archer
– The Chicken Pen to raise your future meat

via: Our Review