Fancred – Connect With Fans, Get Sports News and Opinion, and Make Gameday Everyday, the sports-based social network for fans, has been updated with a completely redesigned version that’s optimized for iOS 7. Users are able to navigate the app to search for people and team feeds, and the app suggests people for users to follow based on team affiliation.

“We fundamentally believe that sports have the power of building deep and passionate communities centered around teams,” said Fancred’s CEO, Hossein Kash Razzaghi, in a press release. “With 83% of fans using social media while watching sports, we’re building an online community where fans can discover, connect, and share their thoughts and experiences with other fans around the world. Fancred’s main goal of the web platform and app redesign is to provide a beautiful and simple user experience that connects more fans to share their love and passion for sports.”