Falling Balls

Falling Balls is a super basic FREE game app from developers WickedPissahGames and Bit-101. Now what do I mean by “super basic”?

I look so tough down there... it's a real shame that THE MOON IS FALLING ON MY HEAD!

I look so tough down there... it's a real shame that THE MOON IS FALLING ON MY HEAD!

The game starts with you as the stick figure hero, with the unenviable task of dodging falling balls. At first I thought, “Hey, this is pretty easy, I tilt left – dude goes left; I tilt right, dude goes right.” Mere seconds go by when suddenly balls fall off the top left corner! I screeched with surprise as I was nearly squished. More time went by and more and more balls were dropped. It became apparent that I did not have the skill to continue at this pace, so the game decided it was time that my fate would be death. A ball bounced off the little stick figure creating a splat of blood, and an extremely annoying scream. High score…19. Throughout the next hour I continued to play, getting higher and higher scores until I eventually hit the amazing score of….50. The scream of the dead stick man eventually got to me and I was done. I can still here the screams of those little guys, they haunt my dreams.

Now for the real tough crowd, there is a Ninja Mode that will take up another 20 min. of your life. The game, which I had thought at this point lost it’s legs, grew them back again teasing me with the idea of “double the trouble, double the fun.” Balls coming down from both sides of the screen requiring me to tilt left and right like I’m driving a bus. Unfortunately like the original mode, I grew weary of the sound of my poor little man splattering on the ground.

I’d give this one a solid C.

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Released: 2009-01-12 :: Category: Games

Marbles Multiball 3d: The Castle Adventure (FREE EDITION), now that’s a mouthful.

Now, I’ve only played the free version, but I was hooked for about 30min (which in iPhone gaming is like 3 hours). Sadly, the free app only has 5 levels, which means it is quite short, but those 5 levels are amazing.


The basic gist of the game is to get one of the ball(s) into one of the dimple(s) on the map, sound easy? Well I started the first level, simple, one ball – one dimple. Took me maybe 3 tries, then on to next level. Two balls – two dimples, again, like the first map, pretty simple. Third level, new challenge, 6 balls and 6 dimples… little more challenging.

Now level four is like playing an entire different game. Levels 1-3 do not prepare you for the onslaught of pain that you will go through. Level 5, the final level, is hell. Ramps, edges, and time all become factors as you progress through the gothic styled marbled madness (see what I did there? Wordplay on the classic Nintendo game?)(so smart *rolls eyes* -ed).

Pretty sweet right? Overall this game is worth buying, er, downloading for free. It’s engaging, fun, and can eat up to an hour of time without you noticing, trust me. I’ll give it a B+.

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Released: 2010-01-01 :: Category: Games :: Simulation

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