Pocket God digital comics are still going strong, and we’ve got two pages of artwork from the latest one-shot holiday special, “Ghost of Fishmas Past,” to share with you right here. You can get the new issue as an in-app purchase form the Pocket God Comics app, as well as some sweet extras along the way.

Hop on board for one wild ride! We finally get a chance to see the world inside Nooby’s head. And you KNOW that’s going to be a party! …That boy ain’t right! You may have noticed Nooby go storming off as Gem Cell Research came to a crashing conclusion. Now we get to see where he went….and WHY. It’s a Trippy Fishmas for sure! Merry Fishmas everybody!

Click the title of this post to check the gallery for our exclusive pages, and be sure to grab the comic from the app store above. Merry Fishmas!