Snake vs Block might not be the most difficult game to pick up and play, but if you want to succeed in its multiplayer, you're going to need to learn some skills. But don't worry too much, because we've put a good few hours into the game, so we know exactly which skills you're going to need.

And the good thing is that plenty of these tricks and tips are going to help you in the single player game too. Essentially you're getting two loads of help for a single click. Don't you dare say we're not good to you. Oh, and if you've got your own hints to share, make sure you stick them in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Keep chasing

Whenever you see another player ahead of you, get up close and personal with their tail as soon as you can. Not only will that mean it's them smashing the blocks ahead of the pair of you while you remain unscathed, but catching up with another player's head and devouring it gives you a special boost.

Not only does the boost make you invulnerable, it also speeds you up a little, meaning you can get away from players behind. If you see an opponent heading for a block they can't hope to smash, get in there quick, eat their head, and then power through the block with your invincibility.

Snake vs Block iOS multiplayer guide screenshot - A car snake

Wiggle it

Don't just move in a straight line, make sure you keep moving around the screen. There are offensive and defensive reasons for this. It's harder for other players to grab onto your head if you're moving around like a lunatic for one thing.

And it also means they'll sometimes bypass you, giving you the chance to catch up with them in turn and devour them. Look for opportunities to swap your position in the chace and you're going to be climbing up the leaderboards.

Choose the right skin

Sometimes having a slightly difficult to understand skin is going to confuse your opponents. Ones like the snake, which create a full body instead of one broken into segments are really good choices but there are others than can help too.

Skins that have larger gaps between segments can be handy. It's not just a case of aesthetic, but it's about giving yourself even the slightest edge wherever and whenever you can. That's how the winners do it, so it's how you're going to have to do it.

Look for the stars

When you're long enough, or when you've just eaten a smaller snake, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for the blocks that have stars in them. These give you invulnerability and a speed boost, much like when you eat another player, but it lasts for a good deal longer.

If you're quick enough you can chain together strings of eating and stars to remain super strong for even longer. Not only will this rack up the points, you'll also be protected from the attentions of any other players who want to nosh down on your snake.

Snake vs Block iOS multiplayer guide screenshot - Chasing an opponent

Try again

If you're doing well, then watching a video after you die to keep going is a really good idea. Not only do you pick up where you left off, you'll be supercharged for a few seconds as well, which will really give you the edge.

Obviously if you're having a dog's dinner of a run then skip the video and just start again, but playing smart with your continues can easily be the difference between mid-table obscurity and rocketing to the top of the online rankings.

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