A veritable holiday in the tech world, the Apple Keynote is always a highly anticipated event, with the promise of an exciting new generation of tech. If you missed the 2017 Keynote today, here's all of the mobile news you missed out on.

iPhone X

This new, smarter iPhone features a huge 5.8 inch screen -- it's Apple's long-awaited answer to the Galaxy Edge series. The device features a new OLED screen that no longer relies on a home button. The button-free screen is navigated using simple gestures -- a quick swipe will return you to the home screen. The phone also features new face recognition technology that will allow you to unlock your device or making Apple Pay payments using a quick face scan.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X start on October 27, and the phone is available on November 3.

iPhone 8

The standard iPhone you know and love is getting a makeover with an all new glass design. The thin glass back will enable wireless charging without the need for a chunky case. New 4.7 and 5.5 inch retina displays will help the speedy new Apple-designed GPU shine beautifully, as well.

You'll be able to pre-order the iPhone 8 starting September 15 for its September 22 release date.

watchOS 4

The new watchOS features gamified Activities -- you'll receive inspirational reminders, and you'll be able to receive Achievements for attaining your goals. Your watch will even be able to tell you when you need to get and up move around after too much static activity. Enhanced workout tracking also makes your Apple Watch a much more reliable exercise wearable.

watchOS 4 debuts on September 19.

iOS 11

A new files app brings iOS up to the 21st century, allowing users to browse the files housed on their devices. Apple allows you to customize things further with a new Dock that you can customzie with your preferred apps, letting you access them from any page. Split View has also been implemented, allowing you to look at two apps side by side. If you want to watch a YouTube video and check your iMessages at the same time, feel free!

iOS 11 launched on September 19.

If you want to see an extensive list of the new announcements, check out Apple's official breakdown here.

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