Enter The Sonos Wireless Dock

Posted by Chris Hall on September 28th, 2010

The Sonos Wireless Speaker System is a multi-room speaker system that lets you control all of your music - whether it be from iTunes or an assortment of radio systems including Sirius and Pandora - from one remote (either a Sonos remote or an iDevice with the installed app). Take a look at our review of the Sonos S5 from earlier this year for more on the system.

In an effort to get even more media into the mix, Sonos just recently announced the Wireless Dock which lets users plug their iDevices straight into the music collection. Imagine being able to instantly play the song on your friends iPod that he keeps talking about, or be able to throw a party and have all the guests create custom playlists for everyone to listen to. The possibilities are endless.

The Sonos Wireless Dock is the perfect accessory for our music loving customers who own an iPod or iPhone and want to enjoy the music stored on them in any or every room of the home,” said Phil Abram, President, Sonos, Inc. “This new dock reinforces our mission to provide our customers with access to all of the music on the planet, including everything available on an iPod and iPhone in the home.

The dock itself looks much like the original universal dock that you could buy (or came with originally) your iPhone and comes with multiple dock inserts to accommodate different iDevices. Like other docks, you have to take out the insert to put on a device with a case, but that's something that many of us have been doing for awhile now.

The Sonos Wireless Dock will be available by the end of October, and will retail for a cool $119.

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