Elite Systems is releasing another retro games compilation, this time in order to celebrate the Sinclair ZX Spectrum's 30th anniversary. The 8-bit home computer was originally released on April 23, 1982, and a new compilation containing 101 games from the system will be released as ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection. While not all details have been released on this app yet as to what games it will contain, it has been revealed that the app will come with Bruce Lee, originally developed by Sinclair themselves, for free. As well, packs of additional games will be made available, to include such titles as Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, and Chuckie Egg.

The apps will come in different permutations for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The free version will come with just Bruce Lee and will have the option to buy 4-game packs for $1.99, or all the games together at one discounted price. As well, there will be full apps containing all the games unlocked at purchase for $8.99 for iPhone/iPod touch and $12.99 for iPad. These prices are a limited time offer for all 100 games, valid from April 20th when the app launches until the 27th.

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