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Whether it’s in real life or in a video game, navigating a maze can be pretty challenging. However, the satisfaction of making it to the end can make the whole experience worth it. Elements+ Maze is the “world’s first multi-floor maze game” and it’s hoping that it’s extra challenge leads to extra satisfaction.

Each maze has a fire level and an ice level. To reach the end of the labyrinth, players will have to guide their character in between them both, adding depth and height to the typically flat maze genre. Friends can compete to see who can finish a maze faster and mazes are randomly generated meaning the content is theoretically limitless. Playing on harder difficulties earns more coins for one to spend on things like character customization. Players can also elect to just buy more coins with real money.

Fortunately, with there being so many in-app purchase options, the initial download is free. Elements+ Maze is available now on the App Store.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-12-23 :: Category: Games

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