I guess that stadium wall is an illusion…

Electronic Arts has a long history with the NFL license, across many different gaming platforms. Heck, they have been releasing Madden games since 1988! So you would assume that the release of Madden NFL 13 Social would be smooth sailing, right? WRONG! In fact, as you can see in the screenshot at right, things are looking downright rough.

We reached out to EA, in hopes of getting a comment on the current state of the game. The PR team responded with the following comment:

“We have made progress with technical issues experienced with Madden NFL 13 Social since its launch and the development team is committed to fixing areas where there may still be issues.  The team is working hard to increase stability as quickly as possible.”

So where does that leave the status of our review?  As of right now we are recommending that folks steer clear of the game, with a more accurate re-assessment to come down the line, when things get patched.  This is not the first rough launch of an EA social game, so hopefully the powers that be are taking notes for next season. A year from now, gamers may not prove to be as patient.

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Released: 2012-10-31 :: Category: Games

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