The new Earthscan App offers a wide range of information about, and how to use, sustainable energy sources. Not just general ‘climate change’ information, this project is very much specifically for Sustainability and offers loads of resources on the topic. Earthscan was recognized as the best Independent Publisher of the Year, and has been offering detailed and educational information on climate change and sustainability for 20 years.

One of the top features this app boasts of is its ‘Earthcasts,’ which are interactive and live web seminars and lectures. They are hosted by acclaimed industry professionals and offer insight and education into the issues of Sustainable resources and global climate change. Of course, you’ll get Earthscan’s News Feed directly in the app; also included are Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep you up to date minute-by-minute.

Another resource within the app is a section called “Blogging for a Sustainable Future,” which includes a host of posts and articles by a diverse community of bloggers who write about all topics of Sustainability, Resources, environmental technology and education.

Lastly, you can plan your own schedule around environmental events, there’s a full calendar listing of conferences, lectures, seminars and book launches which you can schedule into your Sustainability Events Diary within the App. You’ll probably find that there are quite a few more events happening nationwide than you expect, if you’re in the field or visit these lectures, conferences and seminars often, this could be invaluable to you.

Overall, this is a comprehensive app that takes an educational and organized approach to this ongoing issue. If you’re already familiar with Earthscan’s website and publications, than you’ll definitely want to pick up this app. If you’re simply interested in learning more about our world, and details on the future of Sustainability and new technologies, you should definitely pick this up. Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to check it out!

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