At both E3 and WWDC, we had a chance to talk with Stuart Duncan from Canadian gaming studio, Bight Games. They have a number of games coming out this year for the iPhone, published by Sonic Boom.

Tower Defense + Giant 50's Horror Movie Bugs = Kill All Bugs

Kill All Bugs is a tower defense game with a great 50s monster movie feel. This TD game differs from others in that it is much less complex in the setup, but perhaps more complex in the strategy. You only have 3 different towers that are not upgradable. Their unique power is in their ability to work together to increase their power when placed in certain formations.

Another unique feature is that the bugs in the game are a little smarter than your usual TD enemies. They, apparently, will have the ability to avoid defenses or find the route that will damage them the least.

We should see this game soon as the expected release date is mid to late June. Take a look at the preview trailer below for a better idea of how the game plays.

[youtube Ln-BZZFfggQ]

It's Puzzling

Puzzlings is a match 3 type game with lots of twists and a huge collection element. As you play the game you will unlock various clothing items that you can dress your character up with. There are literally thousands of different combinations you can create once you unlock all of the items. The actual game play itself looks like your typical match-3 game, but there are some interesting combos and different matching methods you can do that might breath a little more life into the genre.

We'll take a look at the game when it comes out late June or early July for more. Until then, here's the trailer to give you a better idea of the gameplay and the collection aspect.

[youtube U_bTwklBpqI]

Raise the Big Top

Big Top 10 is a simple math competition game. Your goal is to make as many number combos that add up to 10 as possible. The game has a great carnival feel (hence the Big Top part) and should make a pretty good casual game. Take a look at the trailer below for more. The game is expected in July.

[youtube XsgqAVd7kTY]

We also got a preview of some other games that Bight is working on for later this year. One game, in particular, a casual time management game looks very promising in it's early stages. We'll have more on these as soon as we are able to.

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