Imagine that, a game that has a name that resembles "Brothers In Arms", would end up being a military shooter.  Pulling on the same same comradery heartstrings, Gameloft's recently announced first person shooter March of Heroes is a very much cast from a similar mold. What sets this shooter apart from the many others on the iOS platform is the use of the Unreal Engine.  That's right folks, the same guts that power Gears of War will breathe life into this title.

Set during the peak of the Cold War, the action that was being demonstrated took place in the middle of a dense and dank jungle.  Your helicopter just crashed and it is up to you to use whatever traditional shooter mechanics are at your disposal to dispatch the responding opposition.  Not to downplay the controls, but lets face it, a shooter is a shooter.  Luckily the unprecedented level of visual detail that the Unreal Engine facilitates can more than make up for the overall lack of innovation.

Throughout the action, players will be prompted to temporarily part ways with the traditional artillery action, in favor of brief quicktime sequences.  Though they amount to nothing more than glorified finger slides, these are very helpful in breaking up the monotony of perpetually blowing cannon fodder to smithereens.

In addition to the single player campaign, it has also been confirmed that the title will contain some aspect of online multiplayer.  Despite the fact that coop gaming experiences are one of the strengths of the Unreal Engine, they have also stated emphatically that the campaign will remain a solitary experience.  For those that are still looking to have some sort of a gaming experience with their friends, there will be deathmatch to sink your teeth into.  More details on the game will be shooting out in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

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