Rising Generals from Innogames is an empire-builder that's doing things a little different. Sure it's got base building and soldier training, raids and defensive scrambles, but the approach to some of these elements are downright refreshing.

First is the way that, unlike some of those games with clashing clans, you'll only lose a unit if it's actually destroyed. So if you spend hours building up an awesome army and use them in a battle, you won't necessarily have to agonize over whether or not you want to actually use everything. Second and most significant is the way in which the wait timers work.

Rather than forcing you to pick an option for resource production (for example) and wait minutes, hours, or days for it to complete, you pick what you want and it completes right away, then it goes on a cooldown. In other words if you want to build a new structure or something, you can build it immediately and then wait for your construction option to recharge before you build again. Time will tell what the iOS gamers think of such a method, but I personally think it's pretty fantastic.

You'll be able to decide for yourself when Rising Generals releases later this summer.

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