The Duo & Yoomi Bring Game Pieces to the iPad

Posted by Tony Kicks on December 20th, 2010
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Just in time for this holiday season Discovery Bay Games' has introduced its newest iPad accessory, Duo ($40). By using physical game pieces in conjunction with the virtual interface of the iPad, Duo takes us one more step towards the Tron world of the tomorrow. To be anything more than a paper weight though Duo must be paired up with one of Discovery Bay Games' specially made apps which currently only includes Yoomi, but more are promised to be coming soon.

Yoomi is a game where players take turns secretly answering questions like “would you prefer to fly to the moon or dive to the bottom of the ocean?” Once answered the other players attempt to guess which response the first chose. It's a game very reminiscent of Apples to Apples but with a new and fresh feel that the whole family can enjoy. Explaining in writing how the pair works together would be an nightmare, so I've included a much more colorful video below to help keep everyone's attention…you're welcome. If you're interested though Yoomi is currently free on the App Store while Duo is being sold exclusively through Toys "R" Us.

iPad Screenshots

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Yoomi screenshot 1 Yoomi screenshot 2 Yoomi screenshot 3 Yoomi screenshot 4 Yoomi screenshot 5
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