Dungeon Gems- Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Fighting Elements with the Elements

Posted by Jordan Minor on July 17th, 2014
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Thought evil dragons were just a myth? Well they’re back in Dungeon Gems. And even though the game will seem quite familiar to fans of Puzzles & Dragons, it still has intricacies of its own to master. So gather an elite team of elemental heroes to take down the monsters one dungeon at a time. Here’s how.

Fight Fire with Fire, or Water, or Wood…

  • Basic attacks are launched by matching elemental gems like a puzzle game. You don’t even need to match three, just one will suffice. However, longer combos create more powerful attacks. Some even create special gems that clear a single element from the board, including new ones that cycle in to replace the old, doling out a massive assault.

  • Each element has different strengths and weaknesses. Fire beats wood but is weak against water while light and dark both beat each other. Be sure to target enemies by touching them so attacks can have the most impact.

  • Some enemies have longer waiting periods between turns. Check the number next to them and use any extra turns you may have to deal more damage or heal yourself by linking heart gems.

  • Defeating enemies grants you action points. These can be used to activate special skills or link separate elements together for huge, multi-elemental attacks.

    No “I” in Team

  • While clearing dungeons, you will recruit tons of new heroes, and like in any RPG, proper team management is crucial for success. Having a hero of a certain element on your team is the only way to attack using that element.

  • There are five slots for five heroes of five elements. However, using two heroes of the same element can effectively double its attack capabilities at the cost of a potential blind spot. Each dungeon displays its primary element upfront so players can manage their team beforehand. But even still, a fire monster can occasionally pop up in a water dungeon and cause real problems for a wood team.

  • Players level up independently, increasing the strength limit for the team along with getting more money and energy. However, individual heroes themselves can be enhanced or even evolve into better forms by sacrificing lesser heroes and paying a fee. You can only have so many heroes, so this is a good way to make use of the weaker ones.

  • If you do run out of space for heroes though, and can’t afford to merge them with each other, you must sell them. But at least you’ll get some extra coins out of it.

  • You can summon new rare heroes and even conscript other players online to aid your team in each new dungeon. This is a great way to double up on a particular element without forgoing a well-balanced team. You can also send them a friend request afterwards.

    Elementary Advice

    Overall, Dungeon Gems does a pretty good job of explaining itself along the way, but here are a few extra tips and tricks.

  • The more elemental gems you join that aren’t the same, the amount of action points they drain goes up exponentially. So make sure it’s worth it, like during the boss encounter at the end of each dungeon.

  • Obviously, it’s always preferable to have the elemental advantage. But sometimes it’s okay to just let a character’s sheer strength muscle through to victory.

  • When considering a team, be sure to pay attention to the special skills and passive buffs each hero provides, not just their attack strength.

  • Enhancing heroes gets costly quick, so wait to build up a stable of them to combine and do it all at once instead of one at a time.

  • There are a bunch of different ways to get new heroes, from collecting them in dungeons to buying them with gems and tokens to unlocking them through social interactions. Heroes are the lifeblood of the game, so try to take advantage of all these opportunities.

    Dungeon Gems

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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