Dune! guide - how to toe the line and get a high score

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 18th, 2017
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Publisher Voodoo is at it again with an all new high score chaser -- Dune! In this fast-paced arcade game, you have to propel yourself along sand dunes, gaining enough momentum to jump above the line to score points, while making sure you have enough control to stick your landing.

Sound tough? It can be, but we're here to give you a few pro tips to help you start scoring super high.

Timing is essential

As with most physics-based challenges in games, timing is essential, and you'll want to get a feel for it early on if you want to have the most success. You hold down on the screen to get moving, and release to fling the ball into the air, but timing is perhaps the most important factor for your score.

You'll want to release the ball right before it reaches the peak of a dune if you want to hop over the line. This will take some practice, so try different timings to get your groove.

Understand your surroundings and learn when to take risks

Not only should you practice your timing, you'll also want to learn about the different hills and valleys you'll come across. You'll encounter tall dunes with sharp peaks, and rounder, gentler curves that all require a different approach. If you're looking to cross the line, you'll want to jettison yourself off of sharp peaks, while the smaller dunes can help you build momentum.

Each of them have their own advantages and pitfalls, so learn what works best with each to ensure you're surviving for as long as possible.

Spring for bonuses

As the game progresses, you'll need to jump higher and higher to cross that elusive line and score more points. To help you rack up as many points as possible later on, you'll need to start relying on bonus score modifiers, which can boost your score by up to four times. You get these bonuses by sticking smooth landings, and the more smooth landings you make, the bigger the bonus. Build up these multipliers for big points.

Have you already reached the moon in Dune!? Share your own expert advice in the comments below.

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