More wine, please! Drync – Scan and Buy Wine You Love allows you to scan the wine label or wine ad, text in the wine name, get further information about a wine, and purchase a special vintage instantly to have delivered to your front door.

Drync is all about the home delivery as they have around 30,000 wines available for you to purchase; which is far greater than what you can find at your local wine shop.


· Broadest catalog of wines for sale in the US ­ over 30,000 wines
· Can provide wine to customers in 41 states
· You can scan the wine label OR text in the name if the bottle is not handy
· Instant identification from its database of 1.7M wines
· Highly accurate image recognition technology that works on a wine bottle/wine labels in magazines/advertisements
· Secure, instant in-app check out
· Ability to submit unmatched labels for human curation
· Personal wine ratings and tasting notes that can be shared or kept private