Fun Vault Games has just released Doodle Dungeon on an unsuspecting App Store. And while it may be a little too obvious with its inspirations (read: it’s Gauntlet with doodles), it also captures the essence as well or even better than most other iOS attempts. That and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Now when I say it’s “a little too obvious,” I don’t just mean that it uses the same top-down perspective. It also features the same four classes (warrior, wizard, Valkyrie and ranger/elf), the same floor-to-floor progression, the same mobs of enemies pouring out of destructible generators and even the same level layouts in a few places. I’m not crying foul or anything, because it doesn’t attempt to hide any of this, but it’s something worth noting. For better or worse.

I’m inclined to think it’s for the better though, seeing as there’s no official iOS release (of Gauntlet) available right now. It’s bound to excite anyone who’s poured hours into any of the original game’s iterations, from the arcade to the PlayStation Network store. Doodle Dungeon is available right now, and I reiterate: it’s totally free.

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