Coming to the app store later this month is a game that features enchanted sausages and magic tomatoes. Seriously. Clearly any complaints about lack of originality on the app store have been taken to heart by developers Milkman Games as I've certainly never played a game with enchanted sausages before!

Players will control OmnomBot, a robot who doesn't want to eat his vegetables. Broccoli actually makes his Meat Circuits overload, which is never a good thing! So it's down to the player to keep things running smoothly by feeding OmnomBot the right food such as the aforementioned Enchanted Sausage and the Feisty Tomato. Plus there's an appearance by OmnomBot's vegan cousin, Ted.

It sounds bizarre and it almost certainly will be. Gameplay is a simple one touch affair with players setting out to beat high scores gained by themselves and Game Center friends.

It's set for release in late August - take a look at the YouTube trailer in the mean time.

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