A couple days ago, Apple turned on daily download stats for developers.  This has confirmed that sales in the app store are going strong. While few developers have disclosed any information on what their numbers are, we do know a few things.

Sega has stated that they are on track to sell 1 million copies of Super Monkey Ball (App Store) this year.

Tapulous stated that Tap Tap Revolution (App Store) has had over 900,000 downloads while their other app, Twinkle (App Store), a twitter client, has had just over 80,000.

The Facebook (App Store) native application has hit over 1 million users already.

According to 9to5mac.com, developer Erica Block is getting over 400 paid downloads a day, adding up to over $2000/day in income from a single application, 2Accross (App Store).

It's obvious that free applications are dominating the top downloads while paid application are still getting respectable download numbers.

Check out our daily updated lists of top paid and free application in the app store.  We are also tracking what's hot in the app store.

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