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Play through High Flyer Death Defyer already and am craving more jetpack action? Or is $4.99 just too much of a financial risk to spend on a new game for iOS? What do they want me to do, take out a loan to pay for that? I’m already paying back student loans, I don’t need more bills! What if there was a way to get my jetpack action on, in a more bite-sized package? Meet High Flyer Jetpack Tests.

This game features the same gameplay rated 4.5 stars by our own Greg Dawson, but with 35 new levels to play. Story-wise, the game takes place before High Flyer Death Defyer, as players get to test out protagonist Arreon’s jetpack across over 30 different challenges. The levels can be played in any order, as players try to collect coins, reach the goal quickly, and score points in order to complete each test. The game goes for $0.99, and is universal, featuring compatibility with all iOS devices on iOS 4 and up, as opposed to the original game only working on newer iOS devices with 512 MB of RAM.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-11-10 :: Category: Games

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