Just downloaded Dead Effect 2 and have no clue where to begin? That’s understandable. It might look like a regular shooter, but there’s a lot more going on within Dead Effect 2.

148Appshas got you covered - letsrun you through the basics to get you set up and started.


Dead Effect 2 offers auto-fire which might seem like a good idea. It’s not. Go into the settings and switch it off. You’ll have less screen space (because of the fire button) but it’ll be worth it.

Go into the controls layout and change where each button is positioned too. Everyone’s hands and fingers are different so different setups will work for different people.

Choosing a class

Each class has different advantages and disadvantages so they’ll appeal to different kinds of players. The heavy weapons expert - Gunnar Davis - is a good starting point, with Jane Frey, the assaults op person, being pretty good too.

Leave close quarters combat-based character, Kay Rayner, for when you’re more used to the game. She can be tough to use.

Each class offers different special skills, such as Gunnar’s shockwave attack, and Jane’s gravitational-based pull moves. Experiment. It doesn’t take long to see what’s on offer.


Dead Effect 2 is keen to guide you around, pursuing particular objectives, but remember to explore.

You can find collectibles that tell you a little more about the story. There are collectible orbs for you to shoot at too.

Mission rewards

After each successful mission, you’re given choices for what to have as a reward like health, ammo, or energy. Think about how you play the game. Do you rush in? Or use abilities?


You’re regularly given opportunities to upgrade your abilities so don’t squander this. It costs money to upgrade and downgrade, so you want to get it right first time.

Unlock bullet time when you can. It’s immensely useful when you’re being rushed by enemies and looks cool too.

IsDead Effect 2everything you hoped it would be? Do you have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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