The latest gift to Classic Rock fans and musical time-travelers to grace the App Store is This Day in Bob Dylan - from the same folks who brought us This Day in Pink Floyd and This Day in Led Zeppelin. The app contains a daily Dylan diary of factoids covering 366 days of the year. The app offers some obscure Dylan trivia for new and die-hard fans to sink their teeth into while it plays Dylan tracks already in users' music library. It also, of course, links to the iTunes to get the rest of the 12 studio albums and 130 tracks.

Like other apps in this series, there are detailed song and album notes, and even an “Extras” section where ringtones, wallpaper and links to popular Dylan websites can be found. It's fan-ware, but of the best sort: this app will leave any Dylan aficionado with some warm memories and a wealth of new information on the poet laureate of the Hippie generation.

This Day In Led Zeppelin

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-01-17 :: Category: Game


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