Kinetic Balls. Not a game.

Not sure if I should say it again…it is NOT a game. It is however part of the games category in iTunes App Store, and has been on the top 10 free apps for some time.

WHY?! Now yes, I am a bit of a media/game/entertainment junkie. It’s why I have the phone…along with several other amazing things that this God-sent phone has at it’s disposal. But, how do people keep giving it good reviews, saying it’s “fun,” when clearly it is not.

No, I don't want to chat with you.

No, I don't want to chat with you. I just want to play a real game!

Here is what Kinetic Balls is: Five balls hanging via wire that if you move one of the balls a certain distance, it will hit the others and cause an equal reaction onto the other side. These balls are also known as “Newton’s Cradle”. While it is a neat thing to see in real life, there really is no need for a digital version. Don’t people have better things to do then turn on their phones to watch balls go back and forth? iTunes customer ……….’-‘………. writes, “Keeps me entertained :]”. I don’t understand.

Download it, I DARE YOU. I give this one 28 out of a 100 swinging balls.

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Released: 2010-01-19 :: Category: Games

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