Does anyone remember JibJab’s iconic cartoons, starring our potential heads of state? Well, JibJab featured their heads, at least, on top of dancing cartoon bodies. Now there’s an app for that, too, except that instead of watching ironic political jingles with presidential candidates, you get to insert your dearest friends into holiday songs.

That app is Super Dance Elf Christmas, and it’s here in perfect time for the holiday season. The app may have a grammatically cringe-worthy title, but the name is admittedly descriptive. You take a photo of your face (or your friend’s, your coworker’s, etc) or draw one from your Camera Roll, and the app grafts it onto a video of a dancing elf’s body. The elf dances, the photo-face bobs up and down, and obnoxiously cheery Christmas music plays in sync. Want to see it in action? I recommend the video.

In addition to the default elf, Super Dance Elf Christmas comes with a girl elf, a “reggae reindeer,” and “Miss Merry Christmas.” Once you’ve composed a video you like—there aren’t too many settings to tweak—you can save your video within the app and email it off to friends. Blackmail, or a great joke? Hmm…well, on the bright side now you can falsify proof of your dancing skills.

If this sounds good to you, Super Dance Elf Christmas is available now on the App Store for a lowly buck. Dancing skills don’t come much cheaper than that!

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Released: 2009-12-10 :: Category: Entertainment

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