As we round the bend and head to lucky day 13 of our countdown to Christmas, we have updates on the deals today. The Appvent Calendar free game is a huge one, iBlast Moki. Will looked at it back in September and gave it 5/5!

iBlast Moki for FREE

iBlast Moki is a fantastic puzzle game where you use physics based devices to blast, lift, and squeeze the on screen characters to their goal. It's a load of fun made even better with Plus+ integration.

At little quote from our review of iBlast Moki:

iBlast Moki contains a nice clean 2D aesthetic that can best be described as more vibrant Rolando 1. The backgrounds are psychedelic, the Mokis cute, and the graphical style overall lends charm to the game. The music is ridiculously catchy albeit a tad repetitive, and the sound effects are good.

iBlast Moki is the best physics game for the iPhone, and at $1.99, it would be criminal to pass up one the best games of the year.

And it was a great deal at $1.99 -- now it's free. But just for one day, grab it quickly!

iBlast Moki

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-09-18 :: Category: Game


Snood for $0.99

Will also reviewed Snood from Electronic Arts. And unfortunately the review wasn't nearly as good:

Rather than "addictive, stylish, and fun," the normal words that pop into my head when thinking of Snood, the words I think of when considering EA's abysmal port of the classic game are "baffling, inexplicable, and aggravating." EA has simply made so many bad decisions in the making of this port that make you wonder if they ever even played their own game.

But for $0.99, if you like the original desktop game, it's an easy buy to make up your own mind on this one.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-08-17 :: Category: Game


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