EA Games continues with their ten-game sale 'til Christmas, while the Appvent Calender is featuring a word game called AlphaBattle. We also have a bonus freebie: UniWar, an excellent turn-based strategy game from Xpressed.

Is this the first word game we've seen from the Appvent Calender? Wow. Here's the developer's description of the game:

Make the best and longest words with the letters available, as fast as you can, before the Vowels and Consonants reach the touch line and become unavailable. AlphaBattle combines your word skills from games like Scrabble and Wurdle with your quick thinking and strategic reasoning from games like Tetris and Bejeweled, and adds some intuitive power-ups to the mix, to create a new and unique word puzzle game.

It looks like a pretty good twist on the usual word-building game, and I'm always up for a lexical challenge!


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-09-17 :: Category: Game


We first looked at UniWar back in April, giving it a 4-star rating and highly recommending it. UniWar isn't particularly original, but it's a great turn-based strategy game with support for online multiplayer. The Push Notifications added this fall just makes it better than ever. In our review, we praised it as "a deep, addicting strategy title that’s sure to please anyone with even a faint interest in games of this type." Here's a snippet explaining how the game works:

"You play as one of three races (just like genre mainstays such as Advance Wars), and your goal is to capture all of the enemy’s bases while defending your own. Combat and maneuvering are turn-based, and as the genre title suggests, strategy is a must. You won’t see anything exceptionally new here, so veterans will be able to jump in immediately.

With each passing turn, your bases generate credits that can be used to beef up your army, which is composed of individual units. The units are dependent on which race you’re playing. The humans Sapiens, for example, can have Marines, Tanks, Helicopters, among others. Regardless of the label applied to the unit, they’re classed as Ground Light, Ground Heavy, Aerial, or Aquatic."

UniWar was a steal when it was $0.99 and the current "price" is almost criminal. Make sure to grab it while it's free, because this one is too good to miss.

UniWar: Multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy game

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-04-14 :: Category: Game


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