Flipbooks have always been a fun way of creating some simple animations. As someone who could only ever draw stickmen, admittedly I’ve had a pretty limited time with them but they’re a very cool concept. So the cool people at Netcetera have taken that idea and turned it into an iOS app!

Flickbooks allows its users to turn iOS created videos into their very own flipbooks. A 6 to 15 second video can be recorded with it edited to create the perfect sequence. Covers can be designed also along with a personal message or title.

The completed video can then be sent off via Wi-Fi and turned into an actual, physical Flipbook for a fee that can be paid easily via credit card or Paypal. Each flipbook is a convenient size with 50 pages in all and of a high quality. It’s certainly a lovely romantic gesture and makes for an ideal present for a loved one or relative.

Check out the video example below for the results. It’s pretty clever.

Flickbooks is available now and is a free app.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
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