Craft Away! guide - how to quickly become a seasoned adventurer

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 15th, 2017
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Craft Away! mixes the best elements of an RPG into a clicker game to create a fun experience that stands out from the other idle games on the market. With its crafting and questing elements, it's often easy to forget you're playing a clicker game. But that also means that there is some strategy to consider if you want to complete your quest. We have a few tips to help you get started.

Get good at swiping

In most idle games, you're tapping one static spot to earn as much cash as quickly as possible. In Craft Away!, you need to swipe away blocks of terrain to earn gold to buy new levels for your character. Rather than tapping in one spot, it's much faster to use your pointer finger to make strong, long swipes. Make sure to target blocks left remaining on the field, rather than swiping at random.

Upgrade your boosts (especially the hammer)

Boosts are incredibly important, and you'll want to level them up alongside your character. Put most of your focus on levelling up the hammer, as it is probably your most useful tool. Save up diamonds to upgrade the hammer's duration and damage output to seriously increase your productivity. Prioritize these stats above all others if you want to progress rapidly through the game.

Use every item

As you swipe, you'll come across random items. Swipe these items to gain valuable environmental aids. Swiping TNT, for instance, will cause a heavy amount of AOE damage, upping your output quite a bit. Swipe at items every chance you get. They're one of the most helpful tools for your progression to the end game.

Are you a Craft Away! guru? Share your own expert tips in the comments below.

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