Our first website based contest has finally finished up and we had a pretty decent turn out too!

The Challenge
If we changed our name to 180apps.com, what would our new slogan be?

The Results

6-15 (Winners receive a copy of the QuadCamera iPhone app):

15) Ive seen bigger darts scores! If some fella down the pub can do it, Apple can do better - Cards
14) Come on Apple, You Can Still Do Better... - Mark Howson
13) 180 apps is all anyone would ever need in their pocket - rewards
12) From 148 to 180 and from there to infinity! - SebKom
11) 180 apps - working towards making the computer obsolete. - andrew
10) 180apps, from one to billion apps and counting. - alchemistmuffin
9) 180 is only half way there - Brandon
8) 180 Apps, we spin you right round baby - graiz
7) All the apps and back again. - rockslacasa
6) 180 Apps - it's still not enough! - poinky

2-5 (Winners receive a copy of the QuadCamera, ToyCamera, and OldCamera iPhone apps):

5) 180apps and still counting - Federico D’Ambrosio
4) Don't Leave Home Without 180 Apps. - Dewan Payroda
3) 180apps And we're STILL hungry! - WiFi Pirate
2) 180Apps = 360 coverage - Lp

First Place (Winner receives a copy of the QuadCamera, ToyCamera, and OldCamera iPhone apps):

1) Seeking the best, so you don't have to. - Blackfedora

Winners: Make sure to keep an eye out for the promo code in your email.
Everyone else: Keep your eyes peeled for new contests in the weeks to come!

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