The iPhone App Developers have a particularly awesome tool at their disposal: Promo Codes. Not only do these promo codes allow sites like 148apps to review all the apps we do, but they're often used for contests as well. Primarily, we've been using Twitter as a way to give out promo codes for contests, but I'll be honest with you, the response isn't always that great. So in an attempt to include everyone who visits our site, we're going to be expanding our giveaways onto the blog.

As this is our first giveaway through the blog, I'm going to make the participation aspect as simple as possible to gauge the level of interest, which I hope is high.

Our slogan has been "148 is not enough!" and apparently Apple finally listened. We'll be seeing at least 180 apps on the iPhone OS 3.0 build when it's released to the public. Thanks to Arnold Kim from, now redirects right to us! While we're not going to be changing the name to 180apps, this contest is aimed around "What If" (you know, like that time Gwen Stacy lived?).

So here you have it: If we changed our name to, what would our new slogan be?

- Top 5 will win a copy of QuadCamera, ToyCamera, and OldCamera.
- 6-15 will win a copy of QuadCamera.

Depending on participation, I may whip up something extra special for my absolute favorite slogan. Your suggestion can be serious, humorous, or somewhere in between. Have fun with it.

- Leave a comment on this post with your slogan suggestion.
- MAKE SURE you include your email address when leaving a comment or I'll have no way to contact you to award you the prize.
- Only ONE entry per person. Make it count!

This contest will end Sunday at 5pm EST. Winners will be contacted through e-mail within 24 hours and a list of the winners with their slogans will be posted on the site within that time-frame as well.

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