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Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 11th, 2011
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As a huge newshound, the kind of person who can't last a day without tracking down some world news from somewhere, Trove looks like a pretty cool idea to me. It's an app that offers personalized news and information with some great customization options.

Trove is able to retrieve articles from more than 10,000 sources encompassing pretty much every news and information source you could possibly think of. Interested in technology? There's a plethora of sources on offer and the same is the case with every political, sports, entertainment, gaming and financial story you can think of. And that's just the ones that immediately spring to mind. There's no limit here really. In testing, I found Trove would find news stories for everything from the latest video game release, Brink, to a local surburb near my hometown.

Upon immediately opening the app, users can consult the editor's pick section to see what's of interest at the moment. Right now Libya and Osama Bin Laden are providing much of the focus but this adapts depending on the big stories of the time. Users can adapt the app to their needs by adding entries to the Your Channels section for quick consultation. Many categories can be selected at once and added to this side of the app so users can check in at a glance for stories of interest. Plus the user can then save an article to consult later or keep for reference.

The only catch is that a Facebook account is required in order to use Trove. It's a slightly odd choice as there doesn't seem to be any real connectivity here other than the usual sharing features and it might be a bit offputting for some.

Despite this though, Trove looks set to be a great resource for quickly retrieving the latest news on so many subjects. The ability to view serious current affair news alongside gaming updates and the latest gossip about a favorite celebrity ensures that Trove should be a hit with information enthusiasts of all types.

Trove is a free app for all iOS devices and is available now.

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+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
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