The iPad arcade cabinet, the iCade, has finally gotten an SDK released for it, or at least the manufacturers confirmed the Bluetooth keyboard commands that will allow third-party games to support iCade controls in their own games. One of the first games to support iCade controls is Little White Bear's puzzler, Compression HD. By enabling "Arcade Mode" in the app settings, the game can be controlled by the iCade's built-in controls. The developer notes on Twitter that developers cannot specifically mention the iCade in the app description; this may extend to including it in the app as well. However, this should hopefully be the first in a wave of many games that will support the iCade; Retro Dreamer have discussed adding iCade support to Velocispider, and Mos Speedrun developers Physmo have submitted a build of the game with iCade support; availability of the iCade and inability to test the controls out might be the biggest hurdle to games' adoption of the device. However, for lucky early adopters of the iCade, they now have another game to test out with their new toy. Compression HD with the iCade update is available as a free app on the App Store.

Compression HD

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Released: 2010-05-17 :: Category: Game


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