Steve Uy, a comic book artist who has worked on comics for both DC and Marvel, and who has created the series Feather and Jova's Harvest, is making a foray into game development for iOS and Android. The name of the game he is working on is called World Without End, and it is a strategy RPG. The idea of the game is that it's a free-roaming RPG, where the player controls their party leader on the overworld. When enemies are encountered, the game will shift into battle mode immediately on that same screen, with the overworld area serving as the battleground. The game apparently eschews the traditional "kill enemies to receive experience" model, as instead players receive battle points that can be spent on skills for any players in the party. The game is being designed to last about 15 hours, and is designed to be replayed, revealing new story elements with each playthrough.

According to Steve Uy, the game's programming is being handled by a team of several developers, although he is handling all the production on the game himself, from the art & design to the writing. Apparently, most of the artwork for the game is done, and the developers are just starting to tie the game's artwork into the actual game. All the artwork is hand-drawn as well. The game will feature illustrated cutscenes as well, along with a director's commentary that will be available once the game is completed.

The game is currently in development, although it is not fully funded yet; Steve Uy has launched a project page on Kickstarter to help fund the game, and those who contribute will receive a variety of bonuses; those who spend over $500 will be eligible to be beta testers for the game. This sounds like a labor of love for the creator, and one that is taking up his life right now. Click here to visit the Kickstarter page, and to see more art from the upcoming project.

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