Clay Jam, Hand Modeled Game Out Now

Posted by Jeff Scott on November 29th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Clay Jam has hit the App Store. After nearly a year of waiting, this claymation game is finally out. We talked with the developer Fat Pebble a bit about creating the game.

Michael Movel and Chris Roe from Fat Pebble in Brighton, England tell us it took a lot of love, care, and effort to create Clay Jam. Chris Roe commented "It was the best way to go to make it look authentic, to make it handmade." The 100% clay animation used in the game allowed them to give the game a distinct look over typically 3D rendered games. Though using stop motion animation with the hand modeled pieces took longer than using a traditional CGI methods, it also allowed them greater creative control, but yet less flexibility to make changes.

Take a look here are Clay Jam, I think you'll agree it is a very distinct look.

Clay Jam is out now, published by Zynga, and is free in the App Store.

iPhone Screenshots

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Clay Jam! screenshot 1 Clay Jam! screenshot 2 Clay Jam! screenshot 3 Clay Jam! screenshot 4 Clay Jam! screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Clay Jam! screenshot 6 Clay Jam! screenshot 7 Clay Jam! screenshot 8 Clay Jam! screenshot 9 Clay Jam! screenshot 10
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