Chillingo's Big Summer Lineup

Posted by Chris Hall on August 12th, 2010

Chillingo, the massive game publisher responsible (but not in a negative way) for iDracula, MiniGore, TouchKO, and countless others, has seven new apps that will be published in the remaining "dog days of summer."

Although the season may almost be over, the summer sun hasn’t set on our top-quality lineup of releases in every genre,” said Johnny Coghlan, Chillingo’s Head of Publishing. “Our groundbreaking new titles are sure to entertain folks seeking a unique gaming experience, whatever their favorite genre.

There aren't any specific release dates on the games, but here they are, in no particular order.

Lamp of Aladdin - iPad - Lamp of Aladdin, based on the video, looks like a typical Match 3 game with a twist. Instead of just providing a board and a bunch of crystals, there seems to be some kind of character involvement within the game itself. The game is said to be very story driven, so look for a blend of character interaction with your puzzles.

Pipe Rush - iPhone, iPod Touch - There aren't many details, but it sounds like pipe rush will be a typical puzzle game where you have to connect certain shaped pipes to get the water to safely run through.

Great Adventures: Lost in the Mountains - iPad - Never in my life have I see a promo video with such an identity crisis. Chillingo's description of the game is as follows, "Trapped by a snowstorm in a mountain-top hotel, two friends must solve the mysterious murder of a great scientist and return a stolen invention designed to change the future of humanity."

From the video, I'd say that Great Adventures is a mystery game meets Diner Dash meets the Sims. Watch the video for yourself and let me know what you think.

Robin Hood: Archer of the Woods - iPhone, iPod Touch - Robin Hood: AoW looks like a archery aiming game where you have to pick off waves of incoming soldiers instead of firing at a single object. To spice things up, there are bonuses for headshots, powerup weapons that give you exploding arrows, and even enemies on wooden Segways (what???). The game obviously has a sense of humor, because the bosses that you fight include, "costumed trolls, dragon cows and Trojan pigs". I'm sure that we'll be reviewing this one in the upcoming weeks/months.

Fiona's Flowers - iPad - Fiona's flowers is a cross between Diner Dash and Farmville, done in a style that could only be appreciated by a little girl. Given the style, it is definitely an attempt to reign in the female crowd, but the iPad exclusivity is puzzling. I don't want to say that the iPad is a male (or adult, for that matter) dominated device, but I don't really see little girls flocking to pick this one up. If I were Chillingo, I would've gone with something a bit less shiny and a bit more gender neutral. Who knows though, maybe I'm wrong.

Alien Cab - iPhone, iPod Touch - Alien Cab, to be released from Chillingo's other title, Clickgamer, is a basic line drawing game based on cabs in space. Like all good line drawing games, you must get "Object A" to "Location A" without having it hit "Object B" while it tries to get to "Location B". It doesn't seem to offer anything new to the crowded genre, but if it plays well, it'll probably be fun

Floe - Universal - Also from Clickgamer, Floe is a puzzle game controlled solely by the accelerometer. By titling your iDevice, you must move objects out of "Floe"s way as he tries to navigate the big block of ice that he's seemingly stuck on. The success of Floe will entirely depend on how many levels there will be and how challenging the levels are. We'll see when the app is released.

Again, there's no word yet on any of the release dates, but they will all be released before the end of summer. Also, be sure to check after the break for screen shots of all the games above. Enjoy!

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