Chillingo has announced that they are partnering with Icelandic developer Plain Vanilla to publish a new children's game for iOS. Entitled The Moogies, this app is intended to be a sort of interactive toy. Children can interact with the various characters and their environments, seeing how each item reacts to the child's touch. As well, the Moogies react to voice input, so kids get to explore this world on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in whatever way they want. The app will be a premium one, with no advertisements, in-app purchases, or external links.

Joe Wee, Co-General Manager of Chillingo says “As more parents adapt to using iOS devices for educational and entertainment purposes, debuting a new children franchise on this innovative platform makes a lot of sense. The Moogies is a fantastic example of how creative apps can transform a child’s learning experience.” The Moogies will be adorabling themselves on the App Store in November as a universal app. Until then, check out this announcement trailer for the app showing what it's all about.

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