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Posted by Chris Hall on September 24th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Remember the good ol' 90's, where TV shows would often have lines like, "well, let me see if I can fit that into my schedule" while the character fiddled with his or her schedule book? I do, and that's exactly why I would be so excited to use checkMeet, you know, if I were a busy guy.

Instead, my day goes a lot like this. Wake up, breakfast, shower, write, write, maybe write a bit more, hang out, dinner, hang out some more, then sleep. For the busy businessman (or woman!), though, finding gaps in the daily schedule is as critical as correctly tying your shoes.

What checkMeet does is scan your iPhone's calendar app for breaks in the schedule. Just a forewarning, the app is assuming that you have an updated calendar in you calendar app, otherwise it won't work too well, for obvious reasons. It also won't access a network or work with other wonky calendar apps, just the one that is built in.

From the app, you get all sorts of options to help the app determine what you would call a gap. You can choose how long a gap must be to fill it (i.e. hour long, half hour long), if you'd like to start your gaps at specific times (i.e. "on the :15's"), and how much time between events you need for down time. Once you finish your preferences and choose a gap to fill, the scheduling goes directly into your built in calendar so you don't have to worry about any strange export options.

For a busy guy that uses the calendar app in the iPhone, checkMeet is absolutely the best way to ensure no double bookings. If time really is money, then checkMeet is priceless.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-09-17 :: Category: Game


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