Lots of app developers have gotten into the holiday spirit and lowered the prices of their apps -- many all the way down to free. So if you're looking for something to fill up that new iPhone you found under the tree -- or maybe something new for the one you already have, here's our guide for you.

Read on for our Christmas list.

Free and Price Dropped Games

We are constantly scanning the iTunes App Store for games and apps that drop in price. You can see the results of those scans over at our Price Drops page or follow our Price Drops Twitter account to be notified of those price drops. Here are some of the most notable of those price drops recently. Let's start out with some free games.

[itmsapp: 291936955]
[itmsapp: 293620666]
[itmsapp: 300029382]
[itmsapp: 298038617]
[itmsapp: 293839606]

And some other great games at great prices.

[itmsapp: 299427316]
[itmsapp: 299798189]
[itmsapp: 284896685]
[itmsapp: 298231142]
[itmsapp: 296581959]
[itmsapp: 298540154]
[itmsapp: 296234012]

Free and Price Dropped Apps

[itmsapp: 293053479]
[itmsapp: 284920890]
[itmsapp: 292242503]
[itmsapp: 291720439]
[itmsapp: 286948844]
[itmsapp: 297414943]

Also keep an eye on our main Twitter @148apps -- we'll be posting a few promo codes for free games and apps today -- more great gifts from the developers.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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