Gravity Lab!, the visually stunning physics puzzler, has come out with a huge update that more than doubles the number of levels and adds a screen capture zoom feature so you can post your best shots for your friends to envy. We wanted more Gravity Lab! and we got it!

You can download Gravity Lab! now for free.


Lab 4: introducing cannons, rockets, and breakable pipes
– 90 Challenge levels: two new types of stars add all new challenges to revamped old levels
– 5 New levels in first 3 labs
-New Bonus lab – featuring “Robot Blast” mini-game with new game mechanics such as magnets and cube dispensers. Includes it’s own leader-boards.
– Store: earn coins while playing to buy costume pieces to change your look and increase lives for “Robot Blast”
– Screen Capture: Pause the game at any time to capture in motion screenshots. Zoom and pan the camera to get awesome angles. Share your greatness via twitter or facebook.

via: Our Review