With games like Blizzard's massively popular card gameHearthstoneon iOS devices, mobile devices have proven itself a good platform for digital card games. Which is good because The Witcher developers, CD Projekt Red, just happen to have one of the more interesting digital card games with Gwent which is coming out to market. And it looks like the Polish videogame developer is looking to launch on mobile.

Gwent is a fictional, fantasy card game players could play in CD Projekt Red's critically acclaimed Witcher 3, which came out for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Based on the popularity of the Gwent minigame, however, CD Projekt Red spun off Gwent into its own stand-alone experience. While it was previously only announced for mainstream gaming platforms, it appears that the Polish developers see an opening on mobile for their fantasy card game. The studio has posted a job listing on their website specifically calling for mobile developers.

With Blizzard's Hearthstone still massively popular on mobile, and Bethesda's own Elder Scrolls card game Legends also in development, now seems like the perfect time to jump onto the mobile card game market. Gwent will surely have no problem finding a mobile audience for the game.

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