Lovers of real-time MMORPG games will be pleased to hear of Korean developers Webzen’s new release, MU Origin, coming to iOS and Android systems on July 28th. With its 100% real-time elements and heavy immersion playing style, the slickly designed title is set to enthral.

With the official launch, there will be three playable characters for gamers to opt for: Dark Wizard, Dark Knight and Elf, who are all highly customisable throughout the game. Additionally, MU Origin remains engaging consistently due to its easy levelling premise, which sees quick but steady progress, as players get more involved with the title.

Due to the focus on group play with this game, it’s only right that it comes jam-packed with a smorgasbord of modes, such as Group PVP, Competition Dungeons, Party Dungeons and an array of guild-related activities.

Presently, Webzen have an ongoing pre-register event for Android players, where they can sign up and receive a package of 1 Epic Chest Ticket and 200 Bound Diamonds – worth $10, offering a cheeky advantage when the title is released.

That’s not to say that iOS players are being left out: prospective players can also pre-register through the official site, where they can collect rewards such as Resurrection Stones, Seal of Ascensions and Bound Diamonds, simply by liking and sharing the page:

Pre-register through Google Play:

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