Castle Creeps TD Guide: You capture the castle

Posted by Jessica Famularo on January 7th, 2017
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A new year means all new games, and Castle Creeps TD is one of the first out of the gate. It's a cheery and colorful tower defense game with lots of crafting and upgrades and all sorts of juicy stuff to get into. If you're not familiar with tower defense games, though, you might be feeling a bit lost. We have a few beginner's tips to help you get started.

Use stall tactics
Infantry Towers are key when protecting your castle. They send out troops to hold off and attack opponents while you take time to boost your defenses. Place them at choke points -- areas where the path narrows and the enemy will have a harder time swarming your own troops. This will put a swift stop to their advancement and give you the winning edge.

Pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses
Make careful note of your enemy's strengths and weaknesses. Playing to your enemy's weaknesses is a good way to stay ahead. For starters, you'll note that goblins in heavy armor are weak to magic, while wargs are susceptible to cannons. You'll find details on your enemies in the Creep Book should you ever need a reminder.

Check up on the waves before you start the battle
You can preview the first wave before you start the battle by tapping on the skull icons that appear near enemy spawn points at the start of a game. They'll reveal the number of enemies and type. This is useful information, and you'd be remiss not to make use of it. Place units along the paths that fit with the incoming enemies' weaknesses. If things change in future waves, you can always turn existing structures back into elixir and build new defenses.

Castle Creeps TD does a good job of easing you in. Pair these beginner tips with the game's early guidance and you'll soon be the commander of an indomitable fortress.

Are you the stalwart defender of your own castle? Share your own strategies in our comments section!

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