As the site says "Put down your iPad, pick up a knife and carve a homage to your favorite app." App-o-Lanterns, started by a group of enthusiastic app developers and fans, is a site that's offering a fun, unique Pumpkin Carving contest this Halloween. It's a way for fans to show what their favorite apps are, and to express their creativity. It's also a really unique way for developers to try and get some attention - it's an interesting way to show off their app, all wrapped up into a contest which gives anyone the ability to win a great prize!

All you need to do is carve up a pumpkin that pays homage to your favorite App (or if you're a developer, your own App!) and send in the photo to the site - they'll add to to the blog and you could win one of five prizes, depending on your category entry.

There are three kinds of submissions: Fan Submission (this is from everyday joes who are just carving up their favorite app), Developer Submission (Use a App-o-Lantern as a showpiece for your app!), or Kids Submission (if you're under 13!).

The prizes, in addition to having one of the nerdiest pumpkins on the block, are as follows. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.

Kids Submission: Promo codes for some of the App-o-Lantern Sponsored apps. Fan Submission: Also win Promo codes from App-o-Lantern's Sponsors. Developer Submissions: You get 100k ad impressions within the Sponsor's app. Best Back-story: Come up with some sort of unique take about your App-o-Lantern and you could win a Promo Code for the Story Tracker app.

But here's the Big Grand Prize: Best In Row!
If you make your submission and you get the most Tweets + Facebook Shares from their blog you're going to win an AppleTV!

Obviously you should head over to their site and read the full contest rules, and definitely check out the submissions so far. But more importantly, I really think that you should head out to the pumpkin patch, grab your power tools and carve up a tribute to your favorite app! I've already got a few ideas of my own -- good luck to all the entries!

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