Lucky Clan just released their new app, HDR, then made it free to download the next day. HDR is for photography lovers and those who enjoy experimenting with their photos. It allows you to capture High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) photographs by mixing over- and underexposed images. HDR features four different mix options and the ability to import raw images.

- Automatic and manual modes (To set exposure manually: drag exposure loupes to dark and light area of photo, double tap to return to automatic mode)
– Import from Photos: Select light and dark photos from library to mix in HDR.
– 4 different HDR mixes: Auto, Optimized, Vivid, Contrast
– Alignment: Photos are automatically aligned for the sharpest possible results.
– Native device camera resolution support
– Save in photos
– Speed: Fastest possible capture and merge of HDR results

via: App Shopper