Back in October, we reported that immensely entertaining crash em up Burnout Crash was coming to iOS devices this holiday season.

This holiday season clearly wasn't Christmas it was nowhere to be found. Instead, it's looking set for a post-Easter release with news of an April release date.

The game promises three different modes, 54 events, six themed locations and plenty of "road shattering" disasters such as tornados, tidal waves and even UFOs. Players will find themselves swiping and tapping to steer vehicles around in order to trigger explosions and rack up some huge combos and high scores. There'll even be a 1980s soundtrack featuring Vanilla Ice and Gloria Estefan! Oh and did we mention the Autolog support? One of EA's best features in recent times.

It's set to be so explosive that even The Hoff seems to be keen on it. Check out the promotional video below for a taste of what's on offer!

We'll be sure to keep updated on Burnout Crash's development.

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