Bungie Blesses Fan-Made Marathon Port For iPad

Posted by Blake Grundman on July 14th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

For those of you that are not familiar, the date July 7th every year holds quite a bit of significance in the eyes of game developer Bungie.  Celebrated by fans every year as "Bungie Day" it is a time when the studio takes time to look back on the legacy of their work and provide special surprises for their diehard supporters.

This year they decided to do something different, and support a fan-initiated initiative to bring the Mac classic Marathon to the iPad.  Developed completely by hardcore enthusiasts of the original game, Bungie awarded their diligence by publishing the game personally and throwing all of their support behind it.

The base game, which contains the entirety of the single player campaign is completely free.  Available as in-app purchases to augment the experience, you can also choose to add in a $3.99 high definition texture pack, or a $0.99 God mode, aptly named "Master Chief" mode.  Give this classic game another look on your iPad.  I can personally guarantee that this will be one that everyone can enjoy.

[original source: GameSetWatch]

Marathon 1

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-07-07 :: Category: Game


iPhone Screenshots

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Marathon 1 screenshot 1 Marathon 1 screenshot 2 Marathon 1 screenshot 3

iPad Screenshots

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Marathon 1 screenshot 4 Marathon 1 screenshot 5 Marathon 1 screenshot 6
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