Breakforcist is a stylish brick breaker that, well, breaks the mold on all fronts. Its cutesy cartoon aesthetic belies something truly special. Rather than granting players a limited number of lives, players must clear out all of the bricks as they slowly creep towards the bottom of the screen. Failing to destroy all of the bricks before they get to you means it's game over!

It might be hard at first to reach a high score when you're so busy soaking in the deliciously pink visuals and the bizarre yet oh-so-addictive vocaloid soundtrack (which also happens to be available on vinyl). Luckily for you, we have a few tips to help you break all of the bricks, or waffles in this case, I suppose, and become a fully fledged Breakforcist. Off we go!

Complete the goals
On the menu screen you'll spot a little box with a counter telling you how many goals you've completed with the current mission beneath it. Pay attention to these -- completing goals will unlock fun new songs, iMessage stickers, and even some neat powerups.

Aim for the eggs
Try to go for the egg bricks (the white ones with a yellow center) if you need a helping hand. These bricks will power up your ball, sending bacon lasers flying or transforming your ball into a giant pancake, among other exciting powerups. They're incredibly helpful when trying to clear out all of the bricks before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Learn how to angle the ball
As you clear the screen, it will become increasingly difficult to hit certain tiles. If you're having trouble hitting that one brick in the corner of the screen, try moving your paddle as you catch the ball, or catching the ball at an angle to manipulate your trajectory. Failing that, you can drop the ball to reset it (there are unlimited lives, remember?) for a more direct shot.

Does Breakforcist make you hungry for waffles, too? Or are you simply having a blast with this deceptively difficult brick breaker? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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